Sunday, September 16, 2007

Easy sandwich alternative

Two ideas for quick, easy sandwich alternatives:
1. Sliced french bread
2. Fresh mozzarella (although you could use "un"fresh mozzarella
3. Sliced ripe tomatoes
That's it. Just make a 'sandwich' with these ingredients OR I like to also make it open-faced and toast it in the toaster oven or broil in the oven. I remember eating this in Italy for a sack lunch years ago.

1. Sliced french bread
2. Sliced gouda cheese
3. pineapple rings
This one I had as a quick lunch in Germany. Toast open-faced in a toaster oven or broil. So easy! I get tired of eating sandwiches all the time.

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Lolly Pants said...

I love eating this, but also putting a fresh basil leaf on it and then toasting it....Yummy.