Thursday, December 8, 2011

tap, tap, tap....

I don't even know if anyone even follows this blog anymore. IF someone does I just thought I would explain the recent flux in posts. :)

A few of years ago my friend Shelley and I found this great site called Taste Book. You just upload your recipes and they print them into a really great, sturdy, attractive cookbook. So we bought one.

I uploaded the recipes that I had at the time and still had a credit left over.... I STILL have that credit on this site... several years later. So, this year for a Christmas present for myself I decided that I was going to type up all my favorite recipes and finish off this project!!


Kris said...

I have followed your blog for years and love it! Keep going.

Kris (Shelley's sis in law)

Steph said...

Kris!! such a loyal follower!!!