Friday, April 4, 2008

Cook Book is Done... So Far!

This is what I did with our recipes! I copied and pasted them all into Taste Book and have created a "Do We Have To Eat This?" cook book. This is really cool! You can get this cook book the way it is or you can just select the recipes that you want to add to your book. The cook book is a binder that you can add recipes to! So, as we add to our blog we can format them to Taste Book and then have them printed and added to our books. Click on HOW IT WORKS to find out exactly how this works! I think this is fabulous!

Here is a link: Cook Book

I really would like to hear any feedback! If we continue to do this then I will probably post on a format for posting recipes that will make it a little easier on me to copy and paste them!

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